Sea kayaking is one of the top best activities that you can look forward to during your holiday trip to Fiji. Different sort of kayaking adventures are offered by companies caring for the sport on the islands. The best experience of kayaking is possible if you make a group of friends and along with them head off to kayaking. A tour of kayaking lasts for a few days. It is up to you to choose any number of days for your kayaking tour. The complete kayaking equipment can be hired from any company that you contact in Fiji. With ample assistance for the whole trip you can easily arrange a safe and adventurous kayaking tour in the calm sea of Fiji. Before you indulge in your kayaking activity get sure that you rent fiber glass or plastic made kayaking equipment. Other inflatable or sit-on-top options are not compatible with all sort of weather conditions.

The best Place for kayaking

Yasawa Islands especially the northern part of them is ideal for kayaking. You can start from Blue Lagoon and then start your kayaking tour towards any secluded island and camp there for a night or two. While you stay there enjoy scenic view of sunset, fresh coconuts growing on many scattered trees around, visit limestone caves, snorkel over gorgeous coral reefs; these are extra perks you get out of your kayaking tour. Visiting unattainable islands is the highlight of your whole kayaking tour because many islands are not accessible but only through kayaking. And these remote and secluded islands hold a great deal of unexplored natural beauty and wonders.

Find a Good Touring Company

The complete arrangement of your kayaking trip is offered by the touring companies in Fiji. You have to look a few companies to find the best of them. The things that need to be in optimum shape are your kayaking equipment and secondly you check the tour schedule and the entertainment offered during each tour. Often the companies have more than one tour schedules. You choose what suits your budget, temper, interest and other personal reasons. The tour schedule is very essential in making your tour memorable because there are islands and places in Fiji that are never visited by common holiday makers; you can exploit your kayaking tour to explore those islands and enjoy the breath-taking beauty there. The tour duration may differ but the most important is the places chosen and directions fixed for kayaking. The more a company is experienced and is older in its business, the better services it can offer you.

Choose the best time of the year for Kayaking

The best time of the year starts from the month of July to kayak in Fiji. The possibilities of precipitation is lesser and the sea is mostly calm. Though, the crowd of boats is more during this time because it is the peak holiday season but if you love being among people it is fine to be there at this time of the year. For a calmer and less crowded sea, wait for September and then set off for kayaking in great spirits.

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