Fiji is famous for its multi-color and diverse-natured events and celebrations.  Whether you are interested in music, sports, culture, adventure, you can easily find what addresses your interests. Following are some of the top most favored events linked to music and culture in Fiji that attract thousands of holiday makers from all around the world.

Takia Band Fiji Tour

This is a lively event presented by Overseas Entertainment Organization. Takia Band Tour is going to perform this year on 29the May, 2015. The venue is Hot Springs Hotel in Savusavu. If you are planning an exciting trip to Fiji let the date 29th May fall during your visit so that you can enjoy attending this event. Takia Band Tour in going to feature skillful artists in the George Knight Band and DJ Mansus Junior whose live performance is eagerly awaited by their fans.  To enjoy the magic night fun in Fiji do not miss this event especially if you like discovering many different tastes of music.

FPRA Music Music Awards 2015

This music award takes place every year, thus year it is going to be on 16th May 2015. You know that music award shows are great fun and especially when you attend them at a specific venue like Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva. The event is a great time for aspiring artists to take part and showcase their talents. You would love to be a part of this impressive event. The gusts are offered discounted price in tickets and the food containing four course dinner, wine and cocktail is free of charges.

Annual Street Party

It is a night event in the streets of Suva. As the name shows it is a real party thrown in the streets for welcoming the New Year. Held on the night of 31st December every year it marks a warm start of the New Year. Colorful fireworks, street stage for singing and dancing, thousands of folks in the streets all happily celebrating together with the music and so much more at this event makes it a great attraction for the tourists.

fiji fashion week







Fiji Fashion Week

This is another mega cultural event not to be missed especially if you are visiting the Islands in May. Fijians have their unique style in fashion. With all styles and designs arranged by young Fijian designers along with others from LA, Australia and Samoa, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Paris and US, this week is going to be booming with fantastic trends. This event is considered to be the biggest event in Pacific in Fashion.  It is not all about clothes and their new designs but it features a Charity Fashion Lunch, Movie Night, Student Fashion and Design Forum; this year with Resort Wear and Bridal Couture, this fashion week is going to be a grand event in Vodafone Arena, Suva. Do not miss this event as it is a much awaited event in Pacific and thousands of tourists make their way to Suva from 25th to 30 May 2015 to attend this show.

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