Fiji has mesmerizing natural beauty and the islands offer a tranquil surrounding for spending some precious hours in the lap of nature. The 300 islands’ group does not lack anything to offer to adults. Apart from activities maintained by the tourism authority of Fiji you can enjoy nature made marvels everywhere. Total things that you can easily do in Fiji are plenty enough to entice you to plan a month’s stay in Fiji.


You can find many places that are perfect for adults as these are remote and not very suitable for the kids. Such places offer you plenty of activities that you can do as an adult and enjoy your time as never before. These remote places are islands and green hills of Fiji that hold a lot of wonders of nature in the form of plantation and wild life that would amaze anyone with having love for nature. Exploring the unique features of flora and fauna in Fiji is in itself is a great activity that many adults love. You can choose kayaking as one of the top best activity for adults in Fiji. It has many perks. From enjoying boat sailing in the sea to getting to remote islands and camping there, you have the chance of touching the wild nature of Fiji from very close. Normally these far away islands are not approached by common visitors as there are no modern transportation to these islands, neither are there any restaurants and hotels to offer modern accommodation . You can have the chance of your life to enjoy something not so mainstream during your holidays!

Kava Ceremony

The first thing you enjoy as an adult upon reaching in Fiji is Kava ceremony. Drinking the fresh beverage made of kava root is only an adult activity that is not allowed for kids. You may have not yet tried such an experience before as the beverage is purely natural and fresh; it relaxes your nerves and the calmness creeps down your body in a way that you forget travel exhaustion and tiredness. Enjoy the company of friendly Fijians and say “Bula” (hello) as an equally friendly gesture to your hosts.

Zip Lining

This is another activity which is a source of great fun and joy for adults. You have the chance of having a bird eye view of Fiji while moving on a line above the plantations, waterfalls and rivers. Going to heights without you fear to fall down is something not to be missed. For your assistance the friendly staff of zip line service does whatever they can. Even if you are scared or reluctant, they have the solution at their sleeve and in very gentle manner you are assisted and encouraged to go on your maiden zip line journey without you feel uncomfortable.

Recommended Places

The visitors of Fiji have a great experience of staying in Fiji at different places while they were single. They all recommend some islands and you can keep them as your top priority in your whole journey and never regret your choice. Yasawa islands, Mananuca Islands, Blue Lagoon, Octopus Resort, Navini Island, Port Denarau, Malolo and many more. At these places you can fish, dive, snorkel, swim, go to night clubs, play water sports, do golf, visit local markets and observe local people at work and in their day to day life.

Fiji is a great place for singles and couples. You get the best of your time and money. However, for amazing deals and holiday packages visit our website and contact us for a tailor made holiday package also. We have great solutions for holiday makers!