Planning the Perfect Honeymoon in Fiji

Imagine that you just experienced the happiest day of your life, your wedding day, and you set off to enjoy your honeymoon. Now imagine that you honeymoon is filled with sparkling blue water and a beautiful beach sunset, with soft white sand in between your toes. That honeymoon could be yours if you choose to honeymoon in Fiji. When you first arrive in the lovely Fiji you shall be greeted with smiles and flowered leis. If you so choose you can even take a ferry boat to your destination on the island, you can just sit back relax and enjoy your honeymoon from the start. You can sit back while on the ferry and watch endless blue water and feel like you are a world away from anything real.

If you choose to spend your honeymoon in Fiji, then you can choose to get a luxury beach villa. This is a great choice since they are private and have a good design; this makes them the perfect place to begin a lifetime of happiness. Many of these villas will have steps that lead you straight down to the ocean, leaving the sand and water just a few feet away. Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping outside to feel the breeze on your face and the sand under your feet.

If you like the idea of a beach vacation but walks on the beach aren’t what you and your new spouse have in mind don’t worry. You can enjoy the crystal blue waters in other ways. You can take to the water with sailing or go on a kayak adventure. If you are looking for something a little more thrilling then try windsurfing, or view the tropical fish while snorkeling. If you have time and want to really experience a once in a lifetime opportunity then try scuba diving, you can even take a training dive if you don’t have any previous experience in this area.

Just because you are on the beach does not mean that you can’t go into the villages to experience the warm, welcoming smiles that they people there have to offer. Many of the people that live here are eager to share their history and even show you around the village. Many times you can find waterfalls, volcanoes, full and lush forests if you listen to the locals advice on what to do. Many times your resort can point you in the right direction of what village you should visit and what you can do while there.

If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon then Fiji promises to make that happen. With the most beautiful beaches in the world and a wide expanse of things to do no matter what you choose to explore you won’t be bored. You can go exploring and become adventure seekers in the day and come back to a quiet romantic walk along the beach at sunset followed by a romantic dinner before you retire to your villa. You and your new spouse can get lost in the beauty and majesty of nature, while celebrating the start of your new life together.

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