Spending holidays in Fiji can leave you with unforgettable memories if you are able to visit the top best places in the islands, especially in Nadi. Warm climate and a combination of business activities and tourism features make the city a good welcome for the visitors landing in Nadi from all around the world. There great places in the city that you should not miss when you go there for holidays.

A Day Cruise

Nadi’s top-end resorts rest in the west of the city where Denarau Islands are situated. The natural beauty of these islands is superb and the day cruises that are arranged by a many local companies offer you a whole day trip all around the islands; some also offer 3 day trip. You can head to Mamanuca islands also where you can cover most of the beautiful site seeing trip. The fresh and delicious food is offered on board and best of all are fresh icy cold fruit juices that are served to the visitors. The lush green beauty of the islands and colorful marine life that is not found but only in Fiji is worth enjoying in your day cruise. You can go to Yasawa islands by boat where richer beauty of Fiji islands is waiting for you. Accommodation and dinning is not a slightest issue in Fiji. A number of small and big restaurants offer great Fijian dishes that are never to be missed. From interesting mall “bures” to luxurious hotels, staying option is always comfortable for the visitors.

Nausori Highlands

For people having a deep affection for virgin nature and hills, Nausori Highlands have a lot to offer. Naval Village perched on the side of a river valley there is worth seeing. Pure Fijian style life with thatched-roof houses (Bures) scattered around you can feel the tranquility of the peaceful surroundings. Other villages in your way up to Nausori Highlands include Nakabuta village and some other small villages. Visiting this area is purely for enjoying the true environment of Fiji.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Visiting Garden of the Sleeping Giant introduces you to 30 to 40 varieties of Asian orchids. Entry fee is only $16 FJD and you visit around the whole day and enjoy giant swings; hammocks are hung at many places to offer you a unique opportunity to rest. The beautiful heaven like green surroundings and the flood of colors all around makes you forget for a while that you are still in this world.

Safe Snorkeling on the Coral Coast

Snorkeling and enjoying underwater experience is a must-to-do thing in Nadi. There are 5 feet deep tide pools just offshore the Bedarra Inn extended about quarter of a mile. You can enjoy here great safe snorkeling especially if you are a novice to the activity.

Nadi Street Market

Visiting Nadi Street market should not miss your plan. Visiting this market can give you a detailed picture of country’s small local productions and agriculture. The fresh assortment of fruits and vegetables are worth having a look let alone buying them as they are sold at the cheapest price you can imagine.

Swimming with Manta Rays

While you sale on your cruise, you most probably find places where mantra rays are. Swimming with them is a rare opportunity which you do not find anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the few moments of unforgettable company of lovely fish underwater and swim along!

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