Being a tropical place Fiji Islands remain a comfortable place to visit at any time of the year. With little difference the temperature remains almost same throughout the year.  There are some factors that affect the time selection. Due to these factors some time of the year turns out to be the best time for travelling to Fiji. Following are some interesting facts that shed light on the best travelling time:

fiji in June







Warm Weather – Crowded Islands

The time of the year that falls between July and September is the prime time of the year for travelling to Fiji. The temperature during these months ranges from 60s to 80s. The sun shines brightly and it is cozily warm on the islands. For the holidays makers who flock to Fiji from Australia and New Zealand this time of the year is ideal as the weather is cold and freezing there while Fiji is soaked in warm sun rays. If you are planning to travel to Fiji in these months, be prepared to find the price of accommodation and flights sky rocketing. Another thing to keep in mind is the crowded islands. If making your holidays among crowds of people is not a good choice for you, postpone your visit to any other time of the year.

Warm Weather – Lesser Crowd

The month of October is just before when the rains start. The holidaying families start to leave and the price of accommodation comes down a little bit while the weather is still alluringly warm.

Wet Season – Cheap Holidays

The “typhoon season” of Fiji takes place between November and April. The temperature is still high though the rains and short storms create some change. This time of the year is the saving time on accommodation fares and flight tickets. Plan a holiday if you are ready to enjoy the wet season and have fun while you save on your journey considerably.

Stunning Weather – Cooler Evenings and Warmer Days

The month of May and June the weather in Fiji is rather romantic. Cool breeze blows from late afternoon till night sweeping away the heat from the environment. Larger islands receive more winds and the weather is stunning in these 2 months. This time of the year is considered by many visitors who experienced most time of the year in Fiji as the perfect time for getting married in Fiji.  The crowds diminish and the beaches are enticingly calm and tranquil. The month of June witnesses more frequent winds and more dry weather. Rare sprinkles of rain create extra charm in the weather. Plenty of sunshine and soft breeze is inviting especially if you are from a country situated at Southern Hemisphere.

There is no specific answer to the question, “what is the best time of the year to visit Fiji?” It all depends on your budget, personal preference, circumstances and type of visit to choose a specific time of the year. So, you decide the time and we plan your journey with great discount deals and latest holiday packages. Visit our website for getting more details.