Fiji is a paradise whether you are into snorkelling, romance on a honeymoon, beautiful beaches or adventurous trekking through rainforests. It seems that Fiji has everything. But you cannot stay on the beach all the time. If you are organizing some day tours, here is some essential information.

Some people want to discover village life and a day tour to one of these is easily done from Nadi. But even if you are staying on one of the outer islands such as Ovalau or Tavenau, these can be organized too. Your village tour will certainly take in the ‘bures’ which are the traditional thatched houses. You will be able to watch a kava ceremony and also experience the meke which is the traditional welcoming dance performed for arriving guests to make you feel even more at home.

If you are feeling more energetic and the weather is ideal, then why not try one of the tours which include bamboo rafting. If you feel really adventurous, zip-lining through the rainforest is exhilarating. More traditional types of walking tours which take in one of the many spectacular waterfalls is also a must do activity. If you are staying on Tavenau island, the Tavoro Falls in the Bouma National Heritage Park will not disappoint.

If you want to witness the archaeological and cultural history of Fiji, a visit to the museum in Suva is well worth it. You will see the famous whale tooth necklaces as well as the rather gory utensils which were used to practise cannibalism. When you have had enough of that, a walk in the nearby Thurston Gardens will restore peace of mind. These gardens provide an excellent microcosm of all the lush vegetation on Fiji. It is a bit wild and disorganized but captures the astonishing range of flora and fauna of these islands. After the gardens, a tour of the Parliament buildings is a great experience because the buildings are based on the ancient houses of Fiji known as the vale. Not many Parliaments in the world are based on traditional homes.

If you happen to be staying on Viti Levu, a day tour to the Kula Eco Park is an absolute must. A vast array of the animal wildlife is on display and it is the only wildlife park on the Fiji islands. If you are there at the right feeding time, you might even get to help feed the turtles! You will see some of the spectacular fauna, including the golden dove, the red musk parrot and the banded iguana. This tour also takes in the Sigatoka pottery village and the famous sand dunes. This is part of an ancient burial ground where interesting and ancient remains are continually being found, much to the delight of archaeologists.

As we have seen, Fiji day tours provide a wide range of attractions for all tastes. If your scene is off road safari cave tours, cannibal cave tours, safari jetboat tours, experiencing traditional village life or sauntering round a museum, Fiji has it all.

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